Best choice for drink , When we wake up in the morning we want to start our new day great and fresh. And of course we want to take good care of our own health too.  In every meal the most important meal for us is breakfast. It is considered as a meal that is very important for your body. Because our body needs energy from breakfast to starting your day. You might have an idea what to eat already but how about what is the good drink to go with the breakfast? So today we have some suggestions for a drink that enhance health to go with your morning routine breakfast.

Soy milk

Nowadays it is so easy to get soy milk you can get it in the superstores or at the market or even make it your own. Soy milk it. Is not only good but it is also really good for your health. Because the soy milk contains a lot of protein that is the same as it does with the other sources.

Black coffee

Some people may think that coffee is not good for your health. But usually there are a lot of good sides to it. Because coffee stimulates freshness and radiance before work. It can also help reduce the risk of gallstones, reduce asthma symptoms in people with asthma. And it is beneficial for athletes to improve endurance time-consuming sports. 


Lemonade contains citric acid and vitamin C in addition to helping to expel phlegm. Relieve sore throat and also help keep the body fresh. Plus, the light scent from the crushed peel can also help you to relax.

Vegetable or fruit juice

The juice of vegetables and fruits is packed with many benefits. It contains many types of vitamins in the drink itself as well. In particular, vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid and minerals such as sodium, potassium, zinc are also naturally found in fruit and vegetable juices. Which can provide energy to the body and it helps us recover from tiredness, making the body feel refreshed. However, the juice itself has a lot of sugar so be careful with that too.


For this kind of drink we recommended that it is suitable for people who have to stay late. Because most people who stay up late in the morning will have headaches, lightheadedness, and nervous stress. This may be because the body is not resting enough. That’s why you should eat breakfast that contains flour and sugar, which can help. In particular, sugar is absorbed better and easily. Therefore, the nectar will calm the mind, relieve stress and numbness well.

Ginger tea

Ginger tea is absolutely the best drink for our breakfast. It tastes great and also helps with symptoms too. For people who suffer from hangover, nausea, and vomiting, a hot glass of ginger tea is recommended because ginger contains a chemical called glycerol, an oil chemical essentials that give a special taste and smell like no other. It is classified as alcohol that does not make us feel intoxicated. Plus also cure the symptoms of drunkenness well.

Now you get some idea what drink that you should pair with your breakfast. So pick the one that you might like and start your day freshly and healthy.