Emergency contraceptive pills are one way to prevent pregnancy. The pill contains the same hormones found in regular oral contraceptives, but with a higher amount. Emergency contraceptive pill come in either single hormonal forms. and mixed hormones

Emergency contraceptive pills are one way to prevent pregnancy. The pill contains the same hormones found in regular oral contraceptives

There are two brands of emergency contraceptive pill available in Thailand, Postinor and Madonna. They are single hormonal emergency contraceptives. If eaten in the right way within the specified time It prevents 85% of pregnancy but only needs to be taken at the scheduled time.

There are 2 pills in one pill box. The user must take both pills, taking the first pill within 72 hours of having sex. and take the second pill 12 hours after the first pill

If these things happen to you You should be taking emergency contraceptive pill. (We would like you to consider the situation before taking such drugs)

  • Having sex without birth control at all.
  • The condom is broken, has a hole, or has come off.
  • Forget to take birth control pills for a day/two days.
  • IUD slipped.
  • Not sure if the safe distance count is wrong?
  • Forced to have sex involuntarily and most importantly. you don’t want to get pregnant Emergency contraceptive pill will help prevent pregnancy after having sex.

How do emergency contraceptives prevent pregnancy?

Emergency contraceptive pill help prevent pregnancy by: interrupting ovulation in the uterus, hindering the fertilization of the egg and sperm, preventing the implantation of the fertilized egg.

Beware : Use of emergency pill is not recommended.

This is because the effectiveness of birth control is lower than that of the regular oral contraceptive pill that is taken once a day.

Are emergency contraceptives harmful to the body?

World Health Organization and food organization and medicine of the United States Declare the correct use of emergency contraceptives. and only in an emergency will not cause any harm to the body

If you want to use a combination hormonal emergency contraceptive And users have a history of epilepsy, heart disease, blood clotting, or cardiovascular disease. Users must consult a doctor before use.

What are the side effects of the drug?

Some women who take emergency contraceptives feel nauseous, dizzy, or upset in their stomachs. Some people may vomit. But these symptoms last for a short time. Some people may have delayed menstruation. or two days faster These side effects are common with emergency contraceptive pills.

According to research Doc never been reported or death as a result of taking pill

Used to prevent pregnancy in an emergency only

Ordinary contraceptive pills to be taken every day It can prevent pregnancy better than pill and less harmful to the body

If you have intermittent sex. whether you’re married or not, You should use regular birth control,

Use condoms, injecting contraceptives. These methods can prevent pregnancy better than contraceptive pill.

In addition, emergency contraceptive pill do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.