How to eat to be far away from menopause

How to eat to be far away from menopause, Just and fit Which will bring good health both in the present and in the future.Eating well from childhood until adulthood would have a positive effect in the future, namely He is a golden adult who is healthy, free from disease, able to help himself.

Consumption of food with the aim of good health both now and in the future. Requires knowledge of the value of food. coupled with the determination to consume for health rather than indulgence The principle of practice is

  • The nutritious food good nutritional value
  • Thrifty foods : foods that are easy to find locally or seasonally and are worth eating, not waste.
  • Food that is safe from all toxic substances such as synthetic colors, carcinogens, etc.

The selection of food to be diverse, not monotonous in various categories are as follows:

Rice category

should be unpolished rice. Which will get more fiber and vitamins that prevent beriberi than white rice

meat category

Food sources provide good quality protein and low fat, such as fish. Whole freshwater fish, which are readily available locally, should be consumed. Marine fish, which provide iodine, prevent goiter. and deep-sea fish such as mackerel, mackerel, mackerel, and mackerel, which contain omega-3 fatty acids.

Help prevent and reduce the risk of coronary artery disease or thromboembolism and will cause ischemic heart disease. cerebral ischemia followed while consuming other meats that do not have it, such as chicken tenderloin, pork tenderloin

milk category

have to drink a lot of milk for bone growth bones will be long Children will increase in height with age. (To be full, must exercise together with drinking milk) while drinking to keep the reserves in the bones as much

because when entering the golden age Although some mineral salts naturally leave the bone. But bones still contain enough minerals and density to prevent them from becoming brittle and fragile.

Fat category

choose the best fat The most economical Soybean oil mixed with bran oil 1:1 in cooking to prevent high blood lipids which will lead to heart or brain ischemia You should be consuming less fat. Avoid foods that are fried in oil.

Vegetables category

Choose dark green leafy vegetables, such as gourd leaves, lettuce, Cantonese, kale, and dark green bulbs (high in beta-carotene), such as red, super-ripe tomatoes, and carrots. Insects such as gourds, young young kale, or mature kale that are porous. Vegetable foods are high in fiber.

Fruit category

Fruits are beneficial for vitamins. Mineral salt and dietary fiber Especially fresh ripe fruits with orange color such as ripe papaya or eating fresh seasonal fruits such as oranges, pineapples, guavas, rose apples, etc.

Eating fruit is more beneficial than drinking fruit juice. because they received dietary fiber at the same time

Therefore, every time you choose to eat the main food in each category You must always be aware that They choose foods that are good for the present and prevent the dangers of degenerative diseases that often occur in the future