Vegetable juice a cup of benefits

Vegetable juice a cup of benefits .When we are talking about juice most people might think about fruit. But don’t you know that we can make a juice from the veggies too. And it also taste as good as fruit juice. Plus it good for your health too.

Vegetable juice a cup of benefits

Because drinking vegetable juice will give you essential and important vitamin and mineral supplement for the body. Plus more valuable than fruit juices that vegetable juice have less sugar.

Green collagen in vegetables, when drink it will absorb into the liver. And when the liver secretes it will digest carbohydrates. Which is the proportion of food that we tend to eat the most each day.

Including the digestion of fats which will transform into more energy. As a result, the various organs in the body will work better than before.

Vegetables generally have a mixture of vitamins and minerals, depending on the type of vegetables. 

The good effects of most minerals will help the function of the 5 important systems in the body, including food absorption system. Respiratory system Circulatory system Immune system and the endocrine system.

Want to know what vegetables are good for you  and can use for Vegetable juice a cup of benefits

Try shopping for vegetables in the basket as follows.


Helps restore nerve cells and cells in the lungs. Helps maintain muscles, bones, tendons Helps to treat anemia.


Helps to restore the nervous system and restore blood cell production, helping to wash away waste in the blood system.

Helps the body to be able to use calcium more efficiently. And helps reduce the pain of various degenerative systems.

Vegetable juice a cup of benefits


Helps strengthen red blood cells. Helps to make the skin good. And increase the immune system of the body with digestive substances to make the lining of the stomach and intestines work normally. 


Helps to strengthen the heart.


Helps to restore immunity.


Provides energy to the spleen.


Helps expel intestinal air and nourishing nerve endings.


Helps expel intestinal flora, Nourish nerve endings, Reduce acidity in the blood stream. And can reduce fever, headache.

In addition to these vegetables. There are many vegetables that are blend and there are many benefits that you can choose to blend as you like. So start to drink a cup of vegetables juice now to get all the great benefit.