Magic fish call Salmon

Magic fish call Salmon is know as fish from pure, pollution-free and valuable sources.

Classified as fish that have Omega 3 higher than other fish species.

Omega-3 fatty acids, which contain EPA and DHA acids, help to eliminate Alzheimer’s (forgetfulness) and depressed state of mind.

Including heart disease High in calcium Helps to nourish bones and teeth.

Very curious why Magic fish call Salmon is rare.

Many people are wondering why are salmon rare?

Probably because salmon have an extraordinary life Although salmon is actually cold-water fish. 

Magic fish call Salmon

When it’s time to create a new generation of salmon.

It must swim against the currents from the sea. Jump over numerous islands in order to lay up and lay their eggs in the source of the pure water.

That they were born in which the ancestors of each salmon have already chosen.

And had to travel more than a month for a distance of more than a thousand kilometers.

Without eating any food But will use the fat that accumulates during the life of the sea to nourish life during that time,

Magic fish call Salmon

therefore, to reach the goal of losing up to 40% of the weight.

“Salmon” is know as a fish from pure, pollution-free and valuable sources. Because while in the sea Salmon will accumulate fat from eating plankton and seaweed.

Which is the essential fat that the human body needs but cannot create by itself. That is an unsaturate fatty acid call Omega-3 which has many benefits to humans.

Did you know that

Good salmon has an alternating orange and pale pink skin? There is oil to nourish the skin thoroughly, not dry. Salmon is divide into farm salmon and naturally-caught salmon.

There are 2 major sources of salmon in the world, the Atlantic. And the Pacific Ocean is call Atlantic Salmon and Pacific Salmon.

Most people believe that Cold sea fish of the Atlantic Ocean (Or Alaska of the United States) will have Omega 3 more in the tropics.

Especially salmon is consider to be fish that have Omega 3 higher than other types of fish.

Omega 3 fatty acids, which contain EPA and DHA, help stimulate the production of chemicals in the brain call Serotonin (Serotonin),

which has an incredible anti-depressant effect.

Especially women, if eating fish once a month or less, there will be more depressed, than women who eat fish every week,

because omega-3 fatty acids are the main factor that directly affects the mood of women.

Now let’s see what are the benefits of Omega 3 derive from salmon?

  • Highly effective in reducing cholesterol and fats that like to accumulate along the artery wall. Which is the cause of cardiovascular diseas.
  • Helps to slow down the pain, swelling, myositis and rheumatoid arthritis. Which is a chronic disease and causes disabilities.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of certain cancers such as breast cancer, gut cancer, etc.
  • Can cause blood pressure to drop. When eaten regularly, DHA acids help develop brain, eyesight, memory and learning.
  • Helps to suppress emotions Inhibiting illness and mental disorder which results from the brain.

Eating salmon has a high protein value. The fat and cholesterol is very low. And can also replace the nutrients from beef, pork and other animals.

In addition Australian researchers have confirmed that if eaten often it will help to lose weight as well.

Credit : GCLUB