Mineral water better than normal water? Humans drink a lot of water each day because water is absolutely necessary.

The cells in the body need to transport nutrients, eliminate waste and create moisture. 


That is why we have to choose the best water to drink and sufficient for the needs of the body,

Then mineral water is better than normal water?


Water is pure water without any nutrients. It is a polar molecule consisting of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom bonded with an hydrogens bond.

Water is a very good solvent and the body can absorb it quickly and best when compared to other types of water.

In fact, we only drink mineral water for freshness.

The minerals in mineral water are not the minerals that our bodies need in great quantities.

And we have already received enough minerals from food.


Drinking mineral water or drinking clean tap water Or drinking bottled water for sale Seems not much different.

The same thing between mineral water and plain water is what the body needs to use water in various bodily processes, such as removing waste from the body.

What is the difference between mineral water and plain water?


The difference is that mineral water contains more minerals that the body needs than water itself. But these minerals We are already receiving every day.

Which obtained from eating food.

If the body gets too many minerals it will expelled in the form of waste.

Making drinking does not benefit anything for those who drink mineral water instead of drinking water,

let’s consider again because the price is more expensive but the value is equal.

Disadvantages for those who do not like drinking water.

By choosing to drink sugary soft drinks or coffee instead, or some of you may drink only when feeling thirsty only I would like to stop this behavior.

It has a very bad effect on dehydration for those who do not like drinking water.


Began to drink with a sip of water instead, first sip often and gradually increase the amount. So we are use to drinking water ourselves

Now we learned this and we should choose to drink good, clean water and drink enough for the body to need water.

And you should have an answer for yourself that is mineral water better than normal water?