Benefits of coconut ,Coconut is a plant that has many benefits.

Benefits of coconut
Benefits of coconut

One coconut can use for a variety of purposes and this article will describe the various properties of coconut milk.

Benefits of coconut can used to make both food and sweet dishes.

We can using coconut milk in many different ways.


Nutrients in coconut milk.

Coconut milk contains many vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

Including potassium, calcium and chloride, saturated fats.

Saturated fats in coconut oil are make up of short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids.


Quickly transformed into energy instead of storing into fat.

Even if saturate fat is high but coconut can help to lose weight.

Medium fatty acids is easily digeste and burned into energy in the liver.

Without accumulating into fat like unsaturated oil with large molecules.

Coconut milk consumers are healthy because they get energy immediately after consuming.


Also stimulating for the thyroid gland to work better.

Causing heat as a result of temperature thermogenesis

which helps to burn the food consumed at the same time

and immediately change into energy instead of accumulating into body fat.

This is the reason why the coconut milk helps with weight loss.

Lauric Acid Half of the chain of central fatty acids in coconut milk contains lauric acid.

Which helps against viruses prevent bacteria, microbes and anti-fungal.

Coconut milk can help stimulate the immune system in everyday life very well.


Coconut milk can use for relieve the symptoms of sore throat and sores.

It is an alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk from animals.

This vegetarian drink also includes soy and beans.


Skin care products

Coconut milk is use in skin care products to moisturize and relieve dry skin and rash.

It can also used on hair and in the shower.


Now you see that coconut milk has many benefits to our body.

However, eating too much of coconut milk may give you adverse effects on the body as well.

So we should eaten just right amount for good health benefits.

credit : จีคลับ