Soy milk

Soy milk can prevent hair loss Ladies, whether long or short hair, many people may have experienced hair loss easily. Just use your hand to comb the hair I lost all my hands. 

And multiply more with age which according to many people who have this problems. Also understand that it should caused by heredity And the polluted environment. 

But what is often neglect in consideration is the issue of poor quality food and not enough nutrients.

Today we will introduce some basic food that is easy to find. And some of you did not that Soy milk can prevent hair loss .

Because this is a special feature that has been discovered. This type of food is “Soy milk” which help healing properties in the hair root and stimulate the regeneration of the new hair. 

Because soy milk has the ability to help create a molecule in the intestine called Equol.

Soy milk

Which this molecule contains the functions that help to against the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone –DHT)

Which it is the cause of the root weaker and effect to the hair to loss more than usual.

And there are also studies in Europe that the protein in soy milk makes the hair stronger and stimulates the hair growth up to 15%.

Soy milk

And not only drinking soy milk regularly to nourish the follicles of the hair.

It necessary to eating other foods that nourish the hair follicles also to get the benefit of prevent hair loss. 

The food that can be found online, such as salmon, tuna, good quality seaweed, bananas, carrots, pumpkins, etc., are full of nutrients that help strengthen the ability to prevent hair loss also. 

And we should eat a variety of foods because our body also needs to receive vary nutrients from other.

In order to repair the cell throughout the body for all parts to get strong together.

Today, before going back into the house, do not forget to buy tofu into your hands too or get some soy milk with you too.ป๊อกเด้ง/