Cabbage veggies that great for health . Most people prefer to use purple cabbage to eat fresh as a salad rather than eating it in other ways. Purple cabbage is not only good at the unusual colors that are different from general cabbage. But it is also rich in many nutrients and nutrients.

cabbage veggies

Purple cabbage veggies that great for health that most of you do not know

Purple cabbage contains a substance called inthabin substance when eaten, so it is more bitter than ordinary white cabbage. The bitterness is due to the purple cabbage that contains the substance Thainbin.

Inthaibin is important for the body, as it helps to burn nutrients in the body and stimulate blood to circulate to the liver, kidneys, gall bladder and stomach. Purple cabbage is also rich in iron which helps to supplement.

Creating hemoglobin to the body if the body has good hemoglobin, it can carry oxygen and red blood cells to nourish various cells of the body.

cabbage veggies

In addition

purple cabbage is also find to contain Esmethyl Methonin and Glycogen which can help treat gastric and goiter diseases. But the properties that make purple cabbage known to the general public are helps against cancer.

The purple cabbage helps to inhibit the growth of colon cancer cells. And if applied to the breast of the mother after giving birth, it will help to treat screening symptoms as well

Purple cabbage is a plant that is high in fiber and contains many nutrients such as protein, carbohydrates, sodium, vitamin C. Which is find more than green cabbage.

Sulfur (Sulfer), which acts to stimulate the work of the large intestine and is also resistant to carcinogens.

So eating purple cabbage on a regular basis reduces the risk of colorectal cancer. Cancer in the abdomen maintaining cholesterol levels in the body. Also helps to sleep well. As well as the water from purple cabbage also helps to cure gastritis.

However, fresh cabbage should not eaten more than 1-2 kg per day. Because the cabbage contains goitrogen that hinders the thyroid function. Causing the thyroid gland to use less iodine in the blood. But if we eat the cooked cabbage, they said substance will disappear by itself.เสือมังกรออนไลน์/