Nuts help lower cholesterol

Nuts help lower cholesterol Nowadays, although women live much longer than men. But the scary reason is women will become more fat and have diabetes or heart disease more than men. 

With severe symptoms that the blood vessels rupture and could not move halfway through the body and many more to come. Today we will talk about beans. Which helps in reducing cholesterol.

Nuts are another health food

That helps preserve the heart from diseases that are mainly caused by fat clots in the blood vessels. Due to high cholesterol the fat in the dried beans is good fat. Also has protein and carbohydrates. Therefore is a food that provides many nutrients.

Nuts can help to reduce cholesterol that is the cause of blood vessels narrowing. Nuts that contain saturated fatty acids that are beneficial to the body, also known as omega-3, are peanuts, soy beans, cashews, broad beans.

Nuts help lower cholesterol

Eat baked beans, roasted beans, fried beans as a snack every day. Helps to reduce fat in the blood. Can use as an appetizer. Resulting in less food intake.

Nuts, almonds and pecans help to lower cholesterol. By adding good body fat and reducing bad fat, eating 1 handful per day every day will reduce cholesterol by up to 11.3%.

Nuts help lower cholesterol

Peanuts and walnuts

Help protect the heart by reducing fatty deposits in blood vessels. And also prevents type 2 diabetes by better controlling blood sugar levels.

Cashews and Macadamia

Helps to maintain a balanced body with dietary fiber and reduce fat absorption. Eating beans on a regular basis makes you full longer and eat less food.

Knowing this, women have to turn to snacking on any type of bean. Because in addition to having many benefits, it also helps to reduce fat in the blood, also known as cholesterol. And most importantly, should exercise regularly. So you will live a long Life and away from disease as well.

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