Popcorn good for snack

Popcorn good for snack great for health Who likes popcorn, listen this way. Research has shown that popcorn is helpful in combating free radicals.

Researchers from the University of Scranton, Pennsylvania, USA found polyphenols (Antioxidant), which is more than some fruits in corn kernels or popcorn. 

In which the researchers have experimented with 1 serving of popcorn found in polyphenols (Antioxidant) up to 300 milligrams, which is more than found in some fruits that contain polyphenols. (Antioxidant) only 160 milligrams. 

Popcorn good for snack

This research was present at the American Chemical Society, and from the presentation, many people are so interest in improving the quality of popcorn to even more better. 

However, eating a lot of popcorn would also have negative effects on the body as well. Such as obesity, tooth decay, high blood pressure and kidney disease. Because eating popcorn that has too much salty flavor. As a result, the kidneys have to work harder.

Nevertheless Popcorn is still rich in excellent nutrition.

Popcorn good for snack

But the popcorn that is top with butter and salt to add flavor, it’s not a food that should be eat on a regular basis. Especially margarine, which are often use as popcorn ingredients.

 Therefore, the most nutritious way to eat popcorn is to make popcorn with the drying of the rof wave. Because this method will help popcorn have fewer calories than popcorn with butter and oil. You may add flavor as need but should not be too sweet or salty. But if not flavoring at all, you will get a benefit from popcorn more.

This time, people who like to eat popcorn when you are going to the movies would not have to worry about the benefits of popcorn anymore.
Because if we eat popcorn correctly and do it correctly. Yes, Popcorn good for snack great for health too.

Aside from not only putting us at risk for various illnesses, it also has benefits for our health as well. 

But we should not eat it often because it will cause some incomplete nutrients. And we should eat a variety of foods in order to get complete nutrition as well.