Great benefit of seaweed

Great benefit of seaweed . Seaweed is a snack that is popularly by many people. It Is another choice of healthy food and also has a delicious flavor as well. We tend to use it as an ingredient in food menu.

Which helps add flavor to our food, with a wide variety of menu to choose from. You can adding the seaweed to the soup or stir-frying vegetables or eat it as you like.

Did you know that seaweed also contains 18 important minerals that are beneficial to our bodies such as calcium, iron, iodine, magnesium and sodium.

Great benefit of seaweed

Here is the detail about nutrients that seaweed have. 

Dietary fiber 

Fiber in seaweed contains fiber that is beneficial to the body. The more fiber you get, the more your stomach will not bind. And helps to accelerate the excretion of toxins within the body in our digestive system as well.


Normally, people need iodine about 0.1-0.3 milligrams per day. If we compare with eating a sheet of seaweed 2 centimeters wide and 2 centimeters long, it will be enough to meet the needs of our body each day. And it helps in the prevention of goiter too.

Great benefit of seaweed


Iron is a nutrient that is abundant in seaweed. Contributes to the maintenance of our skin to look radiant and healthy. As well as helping to nourish your hair to become more glossy and shiny.


Zinc is a component of many enzymes in the body. That will help strengthen the immune system within the body


Copper is responsible for the absorption of iron. And helps to create hemoglobin in the bone marrow. If our body lacks of this nutrient. It will cause anemia and cause hair loss easily as well.

However, we should eat seaweed in moderation. Because seaweed contain high sodium. Especially people with kidney disease and high blood pressure should really careful when eating it.

Now you know about Great benefit of seaweed .We hoping that the next when you have a snack you will think about seaweed menus for your first option too. 

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