Cereals : Breakfast for the new generation

Cereals : Breakfast for the new generation .

No one would deny the importance of breakfast.

Which is necessary to start various activities day by day.

But to get up early in the morning to cook for a baby,

it would be difficult for a modern family that is full of haste.

Causing breakfast like “cereal” to play an important role in many family.

Eating cereal for breakfast in addition to providing convenience,

it is easy to prepare. Since just adding milk it already ready to eat.

Cereals : Breakfast for the new generation

Cereals also provide nutrients that are beneficial to the body.

Also has less calories, sugar, and fat than the usual breakfast food that is also popular.

This may give benefits to the competition in the market.

Which makes the manufacturers try to invent

and modify the cereal into a food that has a variety of flavors

and is delicious to the taste of more people.

There is also a development that cereals have low in sugar,

Cereals : Breakfast for the new generation

fat and sodium but has higher fiber.

It is beneficial to the body, that is,

if eating with fresh milk as a breakfast.

The body will receive sodium from 120 to 216 milligrams

and sugar at 9.7 to 9.9 grams per serving.

Which is less than the normal amount that the body should not receive

more than 600 milligrams for sodium and 12.5 grams for sugar.

In addition, whole grains

Which is the main raw material for production, is also rich in nutrition which is suitable for children in school age.

Because it contains B vitamins, calcium, iron, and phytonutrients or various antioxidants which is beneficial to the body.

There are researches which state that children who eat cereal made from whole grains for breakfast.

Their body will digests slowly and slowly releases energy. Therefore helps the child to have continuous energy until lunch time.

Affecting concentration in learning, makes studying better and learn at full capacity.

Also, children who are eating whole-grain cereals regularly will have a less risk of being overweight than a child who does not eat.

As you can see eating cereal will give you a lot of benefit. So we can say that cereal is another option for a suitable breakfast for a modern family.

That is why Cereals: Breakfast for the new generation.

Credit : GCLUB