Goji berry for healthier eyes

Goji berry for healthier eyes. To this day, with scientific progress and the research made even more amazing how good this “goji berry” is for our eyes.

Goji berry great protection for eyes.

According to research with patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes, whose risk of blindness is as high as 60 percent.

Will result in capillary walls throughout the body,

including macular degeneration in the retina, causing blindness.

From research in the laboratory of Professor Basil finds out that

Goji berry for healthier eyes

goji berry is a new hope for diabetic patients.

Because taurine in the goji it can help prevent the death of cells in the retina.

Which is cause by abnormally high glucose concentration in the retina.

However, this research requires further studies in people with diabetes

to be effective and continue to use.

The best prevention method at the moment is controlling sugar levels by choosing the right foods to eat and strictly follow the doctor’s orders.

In addition, a study from the University of Michigan, USA

Also shows that carotenoid Zeaxanthin in goji berry

can help slow down the deterioration of the eyes

and helps promote the work of the retina and vision in the elderly as well.

Who should not eat

 Even if the goji berry has many benefits but it not for everyone.

In this regard, Dr. David Kiefer (Bastyr University) professor

warn that the goji berry may interact with certain drugs,

Goji berry for healthier eyes

such as

Warfarin, which is in the resistance group.

Blood clotting Diabetes medication

High blood pressure medication

And may cause allergic reactions in people with a history of pollen allergies.

Therefore, should avoid or consult a doctor before eating.

How to eat to be non-toxic

From random inspection of contaminated food in dry food found contaminated bleach in goji berry.

Therefore, it is recommend to wash the goji berry with 1: 200 tap water by rinsing 3 times

and then scalding with hot water 1 time in the same ratio before cooking.

This method can reduce the amount of toxic residues in goji by up to 98 percent.

So you can see lot of benefit from goji berry. It is good for health and Goji berry for healthier eyes. So you should consider to have more of it then.

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