Great benefit of purple sweet corn

Great benefit of purple sweet corn . Many of you may already be familiar with the common yellow, white corn, but today will present this beautiful purple corn for you.

The origin of this purple corn.

Not long ago, Trang Agricultural Extension and Development Center in Thailand .

Successful in developing and planting sticky varieties of Purple corn 111 and Purple corn 212,

which have excellent anti-oxidant properties. Help reducing the chance of many other diseases to occurring.

At the Trang Agricultural Extension and Development Center the corn seeds are being distribute to farmers for planting.

And are expect to increase consumer interest and are expect to become more popular in the future.

Purple sweet corn have lot of benefit for your health.

This purple corn is delicious, sticky, soft, does not stick to the teeth and has a pleasant aroma. And has a very high nutritional value.

This type of purple corn contains anthocyanin, which has antioxidant properties that are several times higher than vitamin C.

Great benefit of purple sweet corn

Highly effective in helping to slow down the degeneration of cells. Strengthens the body against germs and heals wounds.

Enhancing the function of red blood cells, slowing the occurrence of fat clogging in the blood vessels and helps control blood sugar levels.

Helps to strengthen the body against germs.

And helps to heal wounds. And also contains substances

that help reduce the chance of developing various cancers such as tumor types.

In which anthocyanin are found in plants,

both in flowers and in plants that give red, blue, or purple colors,

such as anchan flowers, purple cabbage, red grapes, rose apple, etc.,

are dissolved in water well.

Great benefit of purple sweet corn

Have lot of antioxidant effect inhibits the oxidation of lipoprotein.

And platelet sedimentation, anthocyanin plays a role in preventing the occurrence of various chronic diseases.

Such as coronary artery disease, cancer, diabetes.

Now you already know about all the Great benefit of purple sweet corn.

You can try to find purple corn to eat.

Don’t be afraid of the deep purple color of this type of corn,

because it is a naturally color.

Purpler corn is suitable for people who about their health.

Which, in addition, purple corn have nutritional value as mention.