Eggs the best morning breakfast

Eggs the best morning breakfast . Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Because it helps the body to have energy for various activities, active, alert and also nourish the brain. Especially the enhancement of memory as well.

In order to have the most benefits for eating breakfast, you have to eat  sufficient for the needs of the body by trying to eat flour and sugar to a minimum. And do not eat foods that are too heavy. Because in the morning, the stomach has less gastric than usual.

Therefore, today, we will recommend the most useful breakfast menu in the world. “Eggs”.

Eggs the best morning breakfast

Eggs are the easiest food to eat. And can process into countless different menus. While also being full of many benefits. Both high in protein, load with essential amino acids for the body And contains unsaturated fat. That helps reduce the risk of ischemic heart disease and still have almost all vitamins except vitamin C only.

Why we have to choose eggs for breakfast?

Eggs the best morning breakfast

1. Eggs have high quality protein, Eating egg will make your body energetic, alert, energetic for 100% full function.

2. Eggs are rich in choline up to 30%, which is enough for the amount of the body needs in one day. Choline will help nourish the brain. Helps to improve memory and prevent blockages in the blood vessels as well.

3. Egg yolks contain lutin. Which will help nourish the eyes. It suitable for office workers who have to work on the computer screen all day long.

4. Eggs can help reduce obesity. Because it provides high energy. Helps to reduce appetite.

However, eating eggs to get the most benefit we should choose cook eggs. And the important thing is choose eggs that are cook without the oil, such as boiled eggs or poached eggs. To prevent obesity and other diseases that may occur.

About the secret to boiling eggs to be delicious. Here is a very easy way to cook an egg. Just set the pot to boil water on low heat. Then add the eggs together, Leave it for 8-10 minutes. When it cooked, hurry and soak in cold water immediately. Certifying the delicious boiled eggs that are sure to please.

Now you can see the reason why people choose an egg to be their breakfast. Eggs the best morning breakfast for people of all age.

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