Cranberry with ladies

Cranberry with ladies . There are quite a few women who have problems with their urinary tract, urinary tract infections or bladder for many reasons.

Both urinary incontinence bacterial infection from frequent or intense sexual intercourse. Or in postmenopausal women who are easily get infect.

Treatment with frequent antibiotics may cause the infection to become resistant, persistent, chronic, annoying.

Let’s find ways or natural foods that have properties to help treat this symptom.

Cranberry is another fruit that has benefits similar to other berries.

Cranberry with ladies

Cranberry is one of the miracle fruit that helps to fight infections in the urinary system.

Research by Harvard University states that drinking 300 milliliters of cranberry juice a day can help reduce the amount of bacteria in your urine.

Cranberry is a fruit that has a bactericidal effect.

Cranberry with ladies

Therefore has properties in treating cystitis in the medical community.

It is widely accept that cranberries, in the form of fruit juices, capsules, and drinks are both effective in treating

and preventing bladder disease and the female internal organs of the abdomen.

Women who often experience problems with urinary incontinence and internal inflammation.

Should eating cranberries for at least 2 days to help with the symptoms.

Cranberry is usually grown in the United States and Canada, but most people do not eat this fruit fresh much.

People often eat cranberries in a form that is mix with various foods,

such as juices, sauces, jam, yogurt, as well as dried cranberries.

But buying cranberry juice, you need to look at the amount of sugar so try to read the label on the side of the comparison box for each brand.

The cranberries also contain vitamin C and many antioxidants.

Therefore it have the property to moisturize the skin.

So it suitable to be use to make lip balm to prevent chapped lips during the cold season

Here is the recipe for it.

Start with mixing 10 cranberries with 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil, 1 teaspoon honey,

1 drop of vitamin E oil to boil until the mixture has been ground thoroughly through a sieve. Finish and left to cool. Apply to the mouth whenever it dry.

In addition,

research has shown that cranberries contain proanthocyanidine

which is an antioxidant in purple color group that is good for veins health as well.

While also helping to prevent gum disease and sores in the abdomen as well

In addition to eating cranberries, it must also be treat correctly. Try not to hold your urine too.

Now you know Cranberry with ladies the good benefits of this tiny fruit. So you must hurry to find cranberries to start getting those benefit now.

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