Fruit for health "dragon fruit"

Fruit for health “dragon fruit” Dragon fruit itself is the fruit that low calories. And must say it is a good taste, sweet, tasty and has high nutritional value Low in calories in terms of your benefits too.

Because that dragon fruit is a fruit that is rich in vitamin C. Magnesium and calcium. The dragon fruit is also a fruit that is high in fiber. And the little black seed that is distribute throughout the dragon fruit is rich in unsaturated fats which help to prevent oxidation.

The dragon fruit has many health benefits.

Fruit for health "dragon fruit"

And properties of the other side of the dragon fruit is that it is use as a fruit to enhance health and beauty, sure enough. Because girls who want to lose weight, they tend to use the dragon fruit to lose weight. This is because when eating the dragon fruit, it will feel full and the dragon fruit is high in fiber and low in calories, therefore it is popularly used to lose weight.

In addition, in regard to the treatment of the disease. The dragon fruit is a plant in the cactus family, which contains useful substances, namely Mucilage. Which It is like a jelly gel. Which will help in the absorption of water in the body. Able to control glucose levels in people with diabetes (non-insulin dependent).

The dragon fruit is also useful

Fruit for health "dragon fruit"

In relieving anemia, helping to increase iron in the body. In addition, the dragon fruit has properties in the prevention of heart disease. Colon and prostate cancer, diabetes, helps strengthen the bones and teeth.

Not only this benefit of the dragon fruit. Also, the dragon fruit that has medicinal properties nutritional value, if known to be eaten as a therapeutic food (Pharmacological nutrition), but also has health benefits and beauty (skin and weight loss) as well.

We can say that Dragon fruit is a healthy fruit

That has the same health benefits as other fruits such as papaya, oranges, bananas etc. Therefore, if we know to choose to eat “Fruit for health” correctly will surely have good results for the body.

But the right way to eat Fruit for health “dragon fruit” is similar to eating food. So, if you want to get the most benefit for your health. Then you have to eat a variety of food to get all the nutrients and benefits.

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