Junk food the dangerous food

Junk food the dangerous food . Now a day people are in rush on most of everything. When you are short in time some time people will pick the easier way for their life. Because of this junk food is become a really easy to go food. Because it is convenience for us and also it tase great too. But do you know that all that junk food got so many bad side for our health. Today we will show you that.


Aside from being a cause of obesity. But do you know that it also makes us ageing faster too! That is because these foods contain sugar, starch and preservatives. Which is a major cause of the insulin content in the body increasing and decreasing rapidly. Also, to inhibit antioxidants causing accelerate growth too.

Junk food the dangerous food

Expand waistline

Many people’s daily routines like eating junk food or drinking soft drinks. This is the main reason of getting fat. Because the process of producing junk food contains more than one type of sodium or mineral that is necessary for the human body. And this sodium makes us ” edematous “


Junk food especially white bread, it goes through the bleaching process that causes the loss of vitamins like rice. Therefore, many people turn to choose brown rice that has not been polish. Eat whole wheat bread instead. That’s because the food is white. There is no dietary fiber, which helps in the excretion. Makes you get constipation.

Junk food the dangerous food

Gastroesophageal reflux symptoms

Junk food, such as hamburgers, French fries, some people like to eat late at night. And the important thing is eating before going to bed is the main cause of acid reflux. Many people are suffering from heartburn in the chest. Due to stomach acid reflux up into the esophagus. That is because many junk foods are too high in saturated fats, which will take longer to digest than normal foods. Causing the stomach to release a lot of excess acid. In which these excess acids will flow back up through the esophagus.

Headache for unknown reasons

Junk food, hot dog, ham, sausage, cheese is considered a food that many people like to eat too much. But do you know that these foods contain Tyramine. Tyramine is a type of amino acid that affects the blood a lot. And is a catalyst for the cheese reaction, which causes severe headache, vomiting, burning, chest pain, muscle twitching. Hypertension is very dangerous. These symptoms are due to the direct action of tyramine in the junk food listed above.

Risk of depression

Research has shown that people who like to eat a lot of junk food. There is a higher risk of depression. Which, although may not reach a serious stage. But it makes you sad. Or not in a good mood.

So, you can see Junk food the dangerous food .There is a lot of bad side of eating junk food. If you love yourself and want to be happy. Try to avoid all the junk food we have mention above.

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