Great benefit of honey drop of sweet

Great benefit of honey drop of sweet taste nutrients . Honey is know as one of the most complete nutrients in the food. Which humans of all nations and languages ​​have known and made use of honey since ancient times.

Honey have so many nutrients that are important such as

Great benefit of honey drop of sweet


Honey contain so many vitamins. The amount of vitamins in each type of genuine honey is different. Depending on the source of the honey pollen or flower pollen itself.


Adding honey instead of sugar in various foods which aside from being sweet and fragrant. It also increases the amount of minerals needed to the body. The amount of these minerals, although not much. But in the right proportion that the body needs.


About 80-85 percent of honey is different types of sugar, such as single molecules sugar (glucose and fructose), which are the most prominent components of honey. Is an important part that makes honey sweet. Which most organisms use this group of sugar to create energy for the body. Twin molecules of sugar (Maltose, Sucrose and Lactose) and sugars with complex molecules (such as dextrose). These sugars make honey with many physical properties.

There is a provision that in pure honey, sucrose can have no more than 5-8 percent by weight. If honey has a higher sugar content. Consider as honey mixed with syrup not pure natural honey.

Great benefit of honey drop of sweet


Although the honey has a sweet taste. But it have so many types of acid. But the most important one is gluconic acid, which is a component of glucose. Including important groups of amino acids, such as isofluene, lysine, lysine, proline, methionine, etc.


Enzymes are organic proteins that are present in living cells. Acts as a catalyst for various reactions within that cell. Such as enzymes that help digest food. The most important enzyme found in honey is the inverse enzyme. Which acts to change the sucrose in the nectar of flowers into glucose and fructose. And glucose oxidase enzymes will act to convert glucose into gluconic acid, which is a component of glucose. There are also other enzymes that inhibit growth. And can destroy germs

Dextrose is a long-chain compound containing glucose molecules. This substance is the part that moisturizes the throat. And provides moisture to the various epithelium.


Inhibin is a hydrogen peroxide that is resistant to germs. The ancient people use honey to treat fresh wounds and to resolve inflammation.

In addition Great benefit of honey drop of sweet taste nutrients to various vitamins and minerals, honey also contains antioxidants (such as flavonoids, catalysts, alkaloids) and many other substances that scientists are studying.

Because they believe that these substances are involve in stimulating biological reactions. Such as helping in the growth of genes, accelerating gastric juice, helping to appetite. And helps to enhance health both in normal times and in times of illness etc.

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