Nutritional value of each color of apple

Nutritional value of each color of apple . Apple is a useful fruit and it is the best healthy food with a variety of colors to choose from. Believe it or not, the different color of apples is packed with different nutritional values also. We already know that apples help in weight loss. But do you know it? Actually, all colors of apples have many different benefits anyway. We will give you some information of the benefits of each color of the apple. And you will know that apples are more useful than you expected.

1. Red apple.

The Red apple is the most antioxidant type of apple. By the antioxidants in the skin, red apples have the same antioxidant power as 1,500 mg of vitamin C. Which the antioxidants will act to hinder the growth of cancer cells in the body. Makes the risk of cancer reduced. Including beneficial for heart health. It also helps prevent the occurrence of Alzheimer’s disease. And also helps prevent skin aging from occurring.

2. Green apple.

Green apple is reputed to be a fruit for weight loss at all times. Because of the distinct green apple taste and less sugar making it possible to eat without fear of getting fat. In addition, green apple peel is packed with many benefits whether it is high in dietary fiber. It helps in the digestive system and reduces the risk of colon cancer. High antioxidant levels that help prevent cancer and aging. It also helps reduce food cravings as well.

3. Yellow apple.

There are many benefits of this species of apples. Whether it is useful in terms of eye maintenance or help strengthen the immune system. Or even prevent the occurrence of certain types of cancer. Studies have shown that the pectin contained in yellow apples can prevent the development of cancerous nodules. Yellow apples can also help flush toxins that have accumulated in the liver from the body.

4. Pink Pearl apple.

When you see a pink apple do not hesitate to buy and eat. Because the amount of vitamin C in pink apples is up to one-fourth of the amount of vitamin C that you should get per day. Which this vitamin C is an antioxidant, helping to prevent inflammation, cancer and aging. It also helps to strengthen the walls of the capillaries. It also reduces the symptoms of scurvy quite well.

Wow, the benefits of each color of apples are so many that it will be amazing, right? Because of this, how it makes apples truly the ultimate health condition. Let me tell you, anyone who doesn’t like eating apples hurriedly changes their mind. Because you are missing out on the ultimate treasure for health. Okay, don’t wait, let’s go out and buy some apples and eat them together. And when eating, don’t forget to eat the whole shell. And should not eat more than 4 apples a day because it may cause too much nutrition and accumulate to become a residue in the body.