5 healthy foods for your healthy body , How to take care of your health to keep the body healthy.

Besides exercise or enough rest, food choices are also an important factor in good health. Because some foods are good medicine for the health of the body. That gives us a healthy body and also helps prevent disease as well.

Healthy food or clean food is another option for people who are health-conscious or healthy. It helps build balance in the body and if only we know how to choose and cook them properly so these healthy food can become delicious meals. Today we would like to introduce 5 healthy foods to choose from.

1. Quinoa.

The one who eats clean or loves to be healthy, you must know the grain called quinoa for sure. Quinoa is certainly the same plant as the beets, spinach, has so many benefits that it is known as “Super food” because it is a good source of dietary fiber.

One cup of quinoa contains about 5 grams of dietary fiber, a type of insoluble fiber that is essential for the digestive system in the body. Quinoa is a plant that is low in cholesterol. Therefore suitable for people who want to diet including suitable food for diabetics.

2. Almonds.

Almonds is a nut that has higher nutritional value than other nuts and can be eaten as a main meal or can eat instead of snacks. This are useful to fight free radicals and strengthen the immune system in the body. Eating it as a snack will help reduce pecking and hunger between meals. When eating almonds on a daily basis it can help you lose weight because one almond seed provides only 7 calories only.

3. Salmon.

It is considered the most popular fish among Thai and Japanese people. It is popularly used for both sushi and sashimi. Because in addition to having a taste that is palatable. It is also rich in nutrients that are beneficial to the body. Salmon has a protein that the body can absorb easily. Omega-3 in salmon helps lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and lower triglyceride levels. And helps increase the level of good cholesterol (HDL).

4. Chicken breast.

Chicken breasts are a healthy food, as chicken is a type of high-energy meat. Rich in protein, easy to digest and has a low fat content. In particular, the breast meat is almost free of fat. Therefore it is popularly made for cooking food for health care such as clean food. Chicken breasts are great for cooking for those who want to control their weight, such as chicken steaks by marinating and grilling. Eat with vegetables and various side dishes, it is super delicious. Chicken breast is high in protein but low in energy. Protein is an essential nutrient that helps repair worn-out organs in the body and help strengthen the muscles.

5. Eggs.

Eating eggs as part of your meal will help you feel full longer and eat less food. Eggs are one of the high-protein foods because one egg contains 6 grams of protein. Eggs are a great source of protein and it is believed to help strengthen the muscles as well. Because protein helps to grow and repair damaged parts of the body.

Anyone looking for a healthy diet to control weight or build muscle, try these 5 healthy foods. Used to make up a healthy menu to help strengthen the body In addition to being in good shape, it also results in good health too.