Harmful effects of drinking too many soft drinks , Soft drinks are a popular and favorite drink of many people.

Because it is a drink that can make you feel fresh and cool even in the summer. But these drinks are bad for the body and it can also cause health problems. Today, we will talk about the harmful effects of drinking too much soft drinks.

Effects of drinking too much soft drinks

Here is the list of unhealthy sides of drinking too many soft drinks.

1. Bloating, abdominal pain.

The soft drinks contain carbon dioxide gas that may cause flatulence when drinking carbonated drinks. As some people drink carbonated drinks and burp or sometimes can have a stomach ache.

2. Tooth decay, yellow teeth.

Carbonated drinks have an acidic effect that can erode bones and teeth. It also has a very high sugar content. Data from the Department of Health revealed that 325 ml canned sparkling water contains 31 grams of sugar or 8 teaspoons of colored soft drinks, And a 325 ml canned water contains 39 grams or 10 teaspoons of sugar, while the recommended daily sugar intake is no more than 24 grams or 6 teaspoons. If eating soft drinks every day it may increase your risk of tooth decay. In addition, the sugar in soft drinks may contribute to the destruction of tooth enamel and undermine our dentin, resulting in yellowing of the teeth.

3. Obesity.

The sugar in soft drinks has so many calories. And when the body receives a lot of sugar until it is not completely burned out, it will accumulate by cells and eventually transform into fat, so if you drink soft drinks every day, and you are not really on diet or not doing any exercise. Then you will gain weight and can become obese then.

4. Diabetes.

If your body receives too much sugar it will result in the body secreting more insulin than normal. And if you let it be like this in the long run the pancreas will work harder until it produces less insulin. It can cause type 2 diabetes even more if you are obese. And if you have high saturated fat in the blood it may stop insulin to make it less effective and it can increase the risk of diabetes even more.

5. High blood pressure.

Research from the United States found that drinking soft drinks not only increases blood sugar level. But it may also raise blood pressure, explaining that too high blood sugar can have effects on both blood pressure and blood pumping. It may also affect the body’s mineral levels. So it can cause higher blood pressure than normal when drinking soft drinks.

6. Heart disease.

High-sugar drinks like carbonated soft drinks can affect the body’s blood pumping and blood pressure, so drinking lots of soft drinks every day can also affect heart function. It can increase the risk of heart disease for yourself. In addition, soft drinks contain caffeine, although not much but it may cause some people to eat soft drinks and palpitations. Because caffeine will stimulate the release of adrenaline. Makes the heart beat faster and stronger in people sensitive to this substance.

7. Osteoporosis.

In addition to the carbon dioxide gas that causes the tingle, in soft drinks there is also a phosphoric acid that makes foaming. This substance also affects the balance of calcium and phosphorus in the body. If there is too much phosphorus in the blood, the body has to break down calcium from the bones to balance it. So can be life threatening.

And in soft drinks there is also carbonic acid that makes the blood acidic. Therefore, the body has to pull out the calcium in the bones to reduce the acidity in the blood as well ,Most the fructose in soft drinks stimulates the body to excrete calcium, so if you keep drinking a soft drinks accumulate over the years. It will increase the risk of osteoporosis.

8. Kidney stones.

Drinking soft drinks is a risk of kidney stones because the fructose in soft drinks can be a factor in the body to excrete calcium in the urine. And the released calcium may mix with other substances in the urine and precipitate to form stones.

9. Get old faster than you should.

Have you ever heard that sugar is the enemy of youthfulness? That’s because the high sugar content of the body shortens the telomer , The chromosome sheath that holds the genes or genes in the process of cell division.

As a result, different cells in the body age before their age. In addition, sugar may bind to proteins in the body. And causing glycation reactions or adding more substances to accelerate aging. Including possibly stimulating free radicals and the loss of collagen in the body, so if you do not want to look older you have to quit drinking soft drinks then.

Soft drinks might make you feel refreshed after drinking it but as you can see if you drink it too much it might be a risk for you to get unhealthy. So be sure to pick the good drink for yourself other than drinking soft drinks.