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Soy milk can prevent hair loss

Soy milk

Soy milk can prevent hair loss Ladies, whether long or short hair, many people may have experienced hair loss easily. Just use your hand to comb the hair I lost all my hands. 

And multiply more with age which according to many people who have this problems. Also understand that it should caused by heredity And the polluted environment. 

But what is often neglect in consideration is the issue of poor quality food and not enough nutrients.

Today we will introduce some basic food that is easy to find. And some of you did not that Soy milk can prevent hair loss .

Because this is a special feature that has been discovered. This type of food is “Soy milk” which help healing properties in the hair root and stimulate the regeneration of the new hair. 

Because soy milk has the ability to help create a molecule in the intestine called Equol.

Soy milk

Which this molecule contains the functions that help to against the hormone DHT (Dihydrotestosterone –DHT)

Which it is the cause of the root weaker and effect to the hair to loss more than usual.

And there are also studies in Europe that the protein in soy milk makes the hair stronger and stimulates the hair growth up to 15%.

Soy milk

And not only drinking soy milk regularly to nourish the follicles of the hair.

It necessary to eating other foods that nourish the hair follicles also to get the benefit of prevent hair loss. 

The food that can be found online, such as salmon, tuna, good quality seaweed, bananas, carrots, pumpkins, etc., are full of nutrients that help strengthen the ability to prevent hair loss also. 

And we should eat a variety of foods because our body also needs to receive vary nutrients from other.

In order to repair the cell throughout the body for all parts to get strong together.

Today, before going back into the house, do not forget to buy tofu into your hands too or get some soy milk with you too.ป๊อกเด้ง/

Mineral water better than normal water?

Mineral water better than normal water? Humans drink a lot of water each day because water is absolutely necessary.

The cells in the body need to transport nutrients, eliminate waste and create moisture. 


That is why we have to choose the best water to drink and sufficient for the needs of the body,

Then mineral water is better than normal water?


Water is pure water without any nutrients. It is a polar molecule consisting of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom bonded with an hydrogens bond.

Water is a very good solvent and the body can absorb it quickly and best when compared to other types of water.

In fact, we only drink mineral water for freshness.

The minerals in mineral water are not the minerals that our bodies need in great quantities.

And we have already received enough minerals from food.


Drinking mineral water or drinking clean tap water Or drinking bottled water for sale Seems not much different.

The same thing between mineral water and plain water is what the body needs to use water in various bodily processes, such as removing waste from the body.

What is the difference between mineral water and plain water?


The difference is that mineral water contains more minerals that the body needs than water itself. But these minerals We are already receiving every day.

Which obtained from eating food.

If the body gets too many minerals it will expelled in the form of waste.

Making drinking does not benefit anything for those who drink mineral water instead of drinking water,

let’s consider again because the price is more expensive but the value is equal.

Disadvantages for those who do not like drinking water.

By choosing to drink sugary soft drinks or coffee instead, or some of you may drink only when feeling thirsty only I would like to stop this behavior.

It has a very bad effect on dehydration for those who do not like drinking water.


Began to drink with a sip of water instead, first sip often and gradually increase the amount. So we are use to drinking water ourselves

Now we learned this and we should choose to drink good, clean water and drink enough for the body to need water.

And you should have an answer for yourself that is mineral water better than normal water?

Benefits of coconut milk.

Benefits of coconut ,Coconut is a plant that has many benefits.

Benefits of coconut
Benefits of coconut

One coconut can use for a variety of purposes and this article will describe the various properties of coconut milk.

Benefits of coconut can used to make both food and sweet dishes.

We can using coconut milk in many different ways.


Nutrients in coconut milk.

Coconut milk contains many vitamins, minerals and electrolytes.

Including potassium, calcium and chloride, saturated fats.

Saturated fats in coconut oil are make up of short-chain and medium-chain fatty acids.


Quickly transformed into energy instead of storing into fat.

Even if saturate fat is high but coconut can help to lose weight.

Medium fatty acids is easily digeste and burned into energy in the liver.

Without accumulating into fat like unsaturated oil with large molecules.

Coconut milk consumers are healthy because they get energy immediately after consuming.


Also stimulating for the thyroid gland to work better.

Causing heat as a result of temperature thermogenesis

which helps to burn the food consumed at the same time

and immediately change into energy instead of accumulating into body fat.

This is the reason why the coconut milk helps with weight loss.

Lauric Acid Half of the chain of central fatty acids in coconut milk contains lauric acid.

Which helps against viruses prevent bacteria, microbes and anti-fungal.

Coconut milk can help stimulate the immune system in everyday life very well.


Coconut milk can use for relieve the symptoms of sore throat and sores.

It is an alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or allergic to milk from animals.

This vegetarian drink also includes soy and beans.


Skin care products

Coconut milk is use in skin care products to moisturize and relieve dry skin and rash.

It can also used on hair and in the shower.


Now you see that coconut milk has many benefits to our body.

However, eating too much of coconut milk may give you adverse effects on the body as well.

So we should eaten just right amount for good health benefits.

credit : จีคลับ

Eggs and cholesterol Good and Bad side you should know

Eggs and cholesterol. If eating properly you can be far from disease.

Eggs are foods that are highly nutritious. It can be said that egg is the food provides protein nutrients cheaper than other types of meats. And we can make many delicious dishes from egg.

Eggs and cholesterol

Egg is also a good food for all ages, can be a good fast food. Because it’s easy to cook,Many people tend to use eggs as a main food in the family

Eggs are nutritious foods. There are nutrients, protein, which is considered the best quality protein ever. Because the amount of protein of all kinds according to the needs of the body in sufficient quantities in a single egg, weighing an average of 60 grams with 6 grams of protein, providing about 80 calories of energy in the yolk, vitamin A, thiamine, riboflavin etc. 

In addition, the minerals in the egg whites are also available, which are the yellow sulfur elements that are rich in the egg yolks, high in vitamin A. In the yolk there are 3 types of fat, triglycerides and with phospholipids closed.

Most of them are lecithin and cholesterol. 1 medium egg yolk contains approximately 250-300 milligrams of cholesterol. Minerals in the egg yolks include calcium, phosphorus, choline, magnesium, potassium, sodium, sulfur (sulfur), iron.

In the egg whites, in addition to protein, minerals that are beneficial to the body such as sulfur, sodium, potassium, crystalline.

From the nutrients mentioned we can see that eggs are highly nutritious. Which is a food that is suitable for people of all ages.

Eggs and cholesterol.

Once you know this, don’t worry about the cholesterol in the eggs, as eggs don’t only contain cholesterol. There are many people who do not like to eat eggs because they worries of cholesterol. 

In fact of Eggs and cholesterol .

cholesterol is also useful. If the body is lacking, not eating foods that contain cholesterol at all it will cause the body to lack of choline. Which Choline is classified as a group of B vitamins.

If our body is lacking food with choline for 3-4 weeks, the liver function will malfunction, while at the same time may cause memory loss. Can also have short attention span.

However, if we eat foods that are high in cholesterol on a regular basis, it can cause harm, such as eating foods that are high in cholesterol  will be a guideline to promote heart disease.

Eggs and cholesterol.

Now you should know about the good and bad effects of cholesterol. So eating with knowledge, eating reasonably It will be good for the health of yourself and your family.


Benefits of breakfast.

Benefits of breakfast for nowadays, the day-to-day lifestyle is full of hustle.

Many people may forgot the important of breakfast

and may be oblivious to the intention of eating “breakfast”


because they thing eating in the morning is such a waste of time .

People really concern that they should have a breakfast to get all those benefits .


Today, we will show you how important breakfast is, and you will focus on the Benefits of breakfast you skip it before.

Research has shown that eating breakfast increases the quality of the course.

It also improves memory, learnling skills, and emotions,

but if you don’t eat breakfast, you’ll be less focus ed and your brain is not working properly.


People who not eat breakfast have an insulin disorder, also known as insulin resistance, which causes diabetes by 35-50 %

Breakfast helps control obesity and weight loss,

because from late-night meals to the next morning we fast for nearly 12 hours,

and if we don’t eat breakfast, it will increase the tendency to burn energy

and high fat at lunchtime, and this is also causing us to become overweight and obese.

In 2003 the research from the American Society of Cardiology shown that

eating breakfast regularly may help to reduce the risk of heart disease.

Reduce a cause of gallstones.

If you left your stomach empty for more than 14 hours

it will cause cholesterol in the gallbladder to cath up for a long time.

If the catch-up becomes a lump.

But if we have a breakfast, it will encourage

the liver to release bile to dissolve the cholesterol that castches it.

For children, regular morning fasting may cause the body to get in sufficient nutrients, resulting in unhealthy physical. Growth does not meet the criteria and also affects intelligence. It can also have a long-term negative effect.

Now we know how useful breakfast is,

so we’ll have to try to have a breakfast every other morning

to get all the benefit and to get healthier.

credit: GCLUB

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