Great food to help stimulate your happiness . The benefits of food are numerous and innumerable. First of all, the stomach is full. And the nutrients in what we eat will help nourish the growth and repair the wear and tear of the body. The Huffington Post also recommends six foods that we eat that will make us to be happier. Let’s see it now.

 1. Foods rich in probiotics.

A study from the Netherlands found that foods rich in probiotics can help improve mood. Twenty volunteers who took probiotic supplements in a row reported improved mood, calm, less irritability. The scientists explain that the bacteria in our gut have little influence on our emotions and feelings. Therefore, eating foods that contain probiotics, such as yogurt, fermented foods, curd or kimchi, will help balance the gut bacteria. Resulting in our emotions becoming more stable.

 2. Fruits and vegetables.

‘Health Psychology’, a British health journal, has published a study that: eating more fruits and vegetables for 3 weeks in a row can easily help stimulate your body’s feelings of goodness, while also providing long lasting happiness. Because fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, as well as being rich in fiber. Which promotes the normal functioning of the body’s systems and when no malfunctions occur to us how could you not be happy?

 3. Coffee.

Not that coffee is always harmful to the body. Researchers from various institutions, including research from JAMA Internal Medicine, have found that drinking coffee in the morning tends to help keep coffee lovers fresh and happy. Moreover, women who regularly drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day have a 15% chance of reducing stress and pressure and this will continue for 10 years.

 4. Dark Chocolate.

The high content of antioxidants in dark chocolate stimulates blood vessel walls to expand. So the blood circulation process is more convenient and the pressure of the blood will remain constant. Which results in the body to feel chill. So it is recommended to eat 1 small bar of dark chocolate a day (approximately 2.3g) for 2 weeks to help reduce the existing stress hormones. Especially those who tend to feel stress often need to act urgently.

In addition, dark chocolate also contains magnesium which helps reduce PMS symptoms in girls, reducing feelings of frustration and unhappiness.

 5. Mushroom

Almost all types of mushrooms are high in selenium. And it is a nutrient that stimulates the happiness hormone. At the same time it reduces all frustration. Whether it is a feeling of pressure, fear, or worry. In addition, mushrooms are a natural source of vitamin D, which is easy to stimulate human happiness hormones.

 6. Green tea

Japanese researchers conducted an experiment with more than 40,000 people who drink four to five cups of green tea a day regularly were 20% less likely to reduce their overall stress compared to those who drink less green tea. And green tea can stimulate more of a happy hormone for people of all ages. Just drink hot green tea on a daily basis, your mood can be improved comfortably.

Many of the factors and reasons surrounding human life today may respectively diminish our happiness. Therefore, if there is some food that can help stimulate the body, it would be good for us then.