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Emergency contraceptive pills

Emergency contraceptive pills are one way to prevent pregnancy. The pill contains the same hormones found in regular oral contraceptives, but with a higher amount. Emergency contraceptive pill come in either single hormonal forms. and mixed hormones

Emergency contraceptive pills are one way to prevent pregnancy. The pill contains the same hormones found in regular oral contraceptives

There are two brands of emergency contraceptive pill available in Thailand, Postinor and Madonna. They are single hormonal emergency contraceptives. If eaten in the right way within the specified time It prevents 85% of pregnancy but only needs to be taken at the scheduled time.

There are 2 pills in one pill box. The user must take both pills, taking the first pill within 72 hours of having sex. and take the second pill 12 hours after the first pill

If these things happen to you You should be taking emergency contraceptive pill. (We would like you to consider the situation before taking such drugs)

  • Having sex without birth control at all.
  • The condom is broken, has a hole, or has come off.
  • Forget to take birth control pills for a day/two days.
  • IUD slipped.
  • Not sure if the safe distance count is wrong?
  • Forced to have sex involuntarily and most importantly. you don’t want to get pregnant Emergency contraceptive pill will help prevent pregnancy after having sex.

How do emergency contraceptives prevent pregnancy?

Emergency contraceptive pill help prevent pregnancy by: interrupting ovulation in the uterus, hindering the fertilization of the egg and sperm, preventing the implantation of the fertilized egg.

Beware : Use of emergency pill is not recommended.

This is because the effectiveness of birth control is lower than that of the regular oral contraceptive pill that is taken once a day.

Are emergency contraceptives harmful to the body?

World Health Organization and food organization and medicine of the United States Declare the correct use of emergency contraceptives. and only in an emergency will not cause any harm to the body

If you want to use a combination hormonal emergency contraceptive And users have a history of epilepsy, heart disease, blood clotting, or cardiovascular disease. Users must consult a doctor before use.

What are the side effects of the drug?

Some women who take emergency contraceptives feel nauseous, dizzy, or upset in their stomachs. Some people may vomit. But these symptoms last for a short time. Some people may have delayed menstruation. or two days faster These side effects are common with emergency contraceptive pills.

According to research Doc never been reported or death as a result of taking pill

Used to prevent pregnancy in an emergency only

Ordinary contraceptive pills to be taken every day It can prevent pregnancy better than pill and less harmful to the body

If you have intermittent sex. whether you’re married or not, You should use regular birth control,

Use condoms, injecting contraceptives. These methods can prevent pregnancy better than contraceptive pill.

In addition, emergency contraceptive pill do not protect against sexually transmitted diseases, including AIDS.

The benefits of strawberries

The benefits of strawberries

The benefits of strawberries It is a fruit that health lovers deserve, this are not just delicious but the benefits of this fruit can be called infinite.

Strawberries are easy to find in the winter season. But for those who haven’t yet rated strawberries as their favorite fruit. I would say that you just missed some good things because in fact there are many benefits of strawberries and our health.

1. Help boost the immune system in the body.

Strawberry is a fruit that is high in vitamin C. According to the Nutrition Department of Health, nine strawberries provide as much as 112 milligrams of vitamin C

which is the amount of vitamin C that the body should receive per day. Therefore, eating strawberries can help strengthen the immune system in the body.

A 2010 study from UCLA showed that: The vitamin C contained in strawberries is also a good antioxidant for the circulatory system of our blood vessels.

2. Lower blood pressure.

A study published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found that flavonoids in all berries can help prevent hypertension and help lower blood pressure levels.

3. Maintenance and eye care.

The antioxidants and vitamin C in strawberries help prevent cataract. And slow down the deterioration of the eyes from being destroyed by UV rays. In addition, vitamin C is an essential nutrient for the maintenance of the lens of our eyes and cornea to be healthy.

4. Help you lose weight.

Strawberries have the ability to increase the production of the hormone adiponectin. (Adiponectin) and Leptin hormone (Leptin), a hormone that accelerates metabolism.

Manage the accumulated fat in the body so women who want to lose weight in more effectively way you should be considering strawberries as one of your diet then

5. Nourish the skin.

A study from the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reveals that the high content of vitamin C in strawberries can help reduce wrinkles.

6. Cure constipation.

Only 9 strawberries have about 3.4 grams of fiber. Because strawberries also contain folic acid. Which are the acids that stimulate the digestive system. Therefore help us with the problem of constipation.

However, you should also eat other vegetables and fruits as well to allow the body to get a variety of dietary fiber especially for people with severe constipation.

7. It is an anti-cancer fruit.

The American Cancer Society reveals the good benefits of strawberries. Phytonutrients or phytochemicals plus vitamin C and many other good minerals in strawberries.

It plays an important role in the fight against cancer cells. Especially the properties of preventing breast cancer in your girls.

8. Reduce inflammation in the body.

Faculty of Medicine Harvard University revealed the results of the study that women who ate 16 or more strawberries a week were more likely to have a lower risk of inflammation.

So we hope that you will like to eat more strawberries to get the full benefits of that.

Great benefits of dragon fruit

Great benefits of dragon fruit .Many of you may already know that fruits and vegetables are all good for your health. And there are some fruits that are flattered as a super food that can be eaten with great benefits, whether it be star fruit, pomegranate or avocado. Even an unusual fruit shapes both the outer and inner flesh like a dragon fruit. It is one of the best fruits for health as well. And today we are going to reiterate clearly the outstanding benefits of the dragon fruit that has not been seen to be missed. It is good for children and good for adults as well that you must have it in the house. Let’s see all the health benefits that you can get from these super fruits.

1. Excellent sugar control.

Dragon fruit is reputed to be a fruit that is high in fiber. Which fiber is an important nutrient that helps to control blood sugar levels and help reduce hypoglycemia inversely. It is suitable as a fruit for diabetics especially. But even so, it is best to be under the guidance of a doctor. Because if you eat too much, it can cause dangerously low blood sugar levels.

2. Nourish hair.

Dragon fruit juice is another secret formula that helps maintain healthy color-treated hair. Just mix dragon fruit juice into hair conditioner or treatment. Marinate and then rinse. It will help open the hair follicles on the head and make the hair glands open. Helps your hair to be fully nourished.

3. Relieve arthritis, reduce pain.

Arthritis in addition to causing pain to the patient and also makes it impossible to move easily. And the dragon fruit has anti-inflammatory effects. Eating dragon fruit can help reduce inflammation and joint pain.

4. Face mask to reduce acne breakouts.

Who said the dragon fruit could only eat, the dragon fruit can also be cut into sheets and masked on your face. Which fruits that are rich in vitamin C, it can help prevent acne, and make the skin smooth, soft and moisturized. It can help reduce wrinkles that occur before age. And if you want to get the best results, you have to mask with dragon fruit at least twice a day and rinse it off.

5. Treat sunburn.

For young men and women who like to sunbathe or need to stay in the sun for a long time until they get a sunburn. Dragon fruit can help heal the sunburned area as well as using aloe vera. Because dragon fruit contains vitamin B3 that moisturizes the burned area and also helps reduce the heat of the wound as well.

6. Maintain heart health for longevity.

The dragon fruit has another great benefit. It helps to reduce the levels of bad cholesterol in the blood and helps increase the level of good cholesterol in the body. It is also a fruit that contains monounsaturated fats. Which is considered to be a very healthy fat as well.

7. Reduce wrinkles.

Eating dragon fruit rich in antioxidants can make your skin firm and look younger than your age without needing any moisturizer. Or if you want to get more benefits mix the dragon fruit with honey and apply it to your face mask as well.

8. Increase the activity of antioxidants.

Free radicals in the body are the culprits in inflammation and can cause cancer cells in the body. Therefore, eating foods that contain antioxidants are really good for your health. In which the dragon fruit is loaded with antioxidants.

9. Low calories, good for on diet people.

Approximately 200 grams of dragon fruit contains only 60 grams of calories, which is quite a few. It also contains many nutrients that are good for the body so it is suitable for people who are losing weight. It can be eaten as a snack or it can be added to a salad that is eaten as a main meal.

10. Cures cough with the value of vitamin C.

Coughs are caused by the common cold. It’s a very annoying symptom, isn’t it? Let us tell you that in addition to taking the medication prescribed by the doctor. If you eat a dragon fruit that is high in vitamin C as well it will help strengthen the immune system. And help reduce respiratory tract infections anyway.

The benefits of the dragon fruit are so cool. But do not forget to supplement other benefits with fruits and other foods as well. Because even if it is a super food, eating alone is not good either.

Health benefits of camu camu

benefits of camu camu

Health benefits of camu camu .Get to know more about camu camu, a king of vitamin C, a good fruit that helps strengthen the immune systems. Camu camu is a super fruit that stands one thing in terms of vitamin C more than any other fruit. Let’s see how the benefits of camu camu are good for health and why should we eat it to boost immunity?

Having good health is important in this era. Because we are exposed to many viruses, germs, dust and pollution which are all factors that undermine our health every day. If the body is not strong enough, it is likely to be infected easily and to get sick quite often.

Which in addition to exercising regularly and getting enough sleep. Eating foods high in vitamin C is another easy way to help strengthen your immune system to fight off germs as well.

We may know vitamin C in its role in preventing colds. But there is still another important function that is to help build a strong immune system. With studies showing that Vitamin C stimulates the production of white blood cells to trap and destroy pathogens more effectively.

Usually, adults should get about 60-90 milligrams of vitamin C per day. But if you want to boost your body’s immune system to fight viruses, you can eat up to 1,000 milligrams per day, which when it comes to fruits and vegetables that are high in vitamin C, many people might think of oranges and lemons. But did you know that the fruit with the highest vitamin C content is camu camu.

In our home, we may not be familiar with a fruit called camu camu because it is a fruit that originated from South America in the waterfront area of ​​the Amazon rainforest. +

Which covers many countries, including Brazil, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela and Ecuador, a shrub that is small, about 3-5 meters, camu camu is a dark reddish purple. The ellipsoid shape resembles the fruit of a cherry and tastes sour.

camu camu is the highest vitamin C of all fruits: 2,400-3,000 milligrams

This fruit is very popular among people who love health. This is because research has confirmed that camu camu is the highest vitamin C of all fruits: 2,400-3,000 milligrams of vitamin C per 100 grams of fresh pulp, which is approximately 50 times more than oranges. And compared to lemons, camu camu has more than 100 times the amount of vitamin C. It’s no surprise that why we call it the King of Vitamin C.

Fruit that is beneficial to both our body and skin health

They also carry many other beneficial nutrients, whether they are essential amino acids, potassium, calcium, iron or polyphenols and carotenoids. High content of ten zeaxanthin and beta-carotene. It is a

– Enhance immunity.

– Reduce the severity of colds.

– Antioxidants that will help protect free radicals.

– Anti-inflammatory.

– Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

– Helping to nourish our eyes.

– Helps to slow down aging.

Not only are the health benefits of the body, but women who want to have beautiful skin must not miss camu camu as well, as the antioxidants in this fruit will help protect the skin from free radical damage. Along with strengthening collagen tissue in the skin structure layer. Thus resist the occurrence of aging wrinkles and prevent cell change. Make your skin beautiful and clear and look younger. 

For this day, camu camu is increasingly used in the cosmetic industry in Japan and Europe, for example, it is used as an ingredient in skin creams, serums, lotions, as well as dietary supplements.

As you see the benefits of camu camu that are good for both health and skin like this. Many people are interested and want to taste the fruit that is dubbed as the King of Vitamin C, right?

You can enjoy a wide variety of camu camu

Health concerns for people who like to drink coconut juice

Health concerns for people who like to drink coconut juice . Coconut juice is useful to drink, but patients with kidney disease and heart disease. Coconut juice is dangerous for patients with degenerative nephrotic syndrome and heart disease. You may need to consult your doctor to find a safe and appropriate way to drink.

Coconut juice is a very nutritious drink but it is not suitable for people with degenerative kidney disease. Because coconut water will stimulate the diuretic. If the body is dehydrated people with kidney disease may have a heart attack.

Nutritional value of the coconut juice.

The quality and safety of fresh coconut juice and package coconut juice were studied in 7 samples of fresh coconut juice. Each type by fresh coconuts collected from stores in Ratchaburi, Nonthaburi, Nakhon Pathom,Samut Sakhon and Samut Songkhram.

To analyze the nutritional value, including minerals, vitamins, sugars, hormones, pH and residues of pesticides

Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Iron, Zinc, Selenium and Chloride were found in fresh coconut juice more than coconut juice in a sealed container.

Especially the average amount of potassium and chloride. 133.81-215.20 mg / 100 g. Vitamin B2 was less than 0.01 mg / 100 ml in fresh coconut juice, but not detected in processed coconut juice.

This is because vitamin B2 is water soluble and is easily destroyed by the light and vitamin B3 in the average amount of 0.04-0.1 mg per 100 g.

From the study it shows that coconut juice has a high amount of minerals. The glucose,fructose and sucrose found in fresh coconut juice which is consistent with the research found that fresh coconut juice has higher glucose than other types of sugar (About 50 percent of total sugar) and the amount of sugar depends on the age of the coconut.

Young coconuts have higher sugar content than mature coconuts. Coconut juice in a sealed container contains high sucrose. This may be because sugar is added in the manufacturing process for flavoring or adding sweetness to it.

Be careful of the sugar content in coconut juice.

Consuming 1 fruit or 1 bottle of coconut juice (approximately 200-300 ml) will get 7-25 grams of sugar, which the Department of Health recommends that no more than 32 grams of sugar should be consumed per day. The daily effect will help to maintain good blood sugar levels.

And research from the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) found that good quality coconut juice should have a pH between 5.0-5.4.

Coconut juice and testosterone.

Coconut juice contains estradiol content in a very little testosterone. When compared with the sex hormones that produced in the human body. But there has been research into the effects of consuming coconut juice on the reproductive system. It found that coconut juice can affect stimulate the endocrine system that regulates the secretion of sex hormones. And has an effect on the reproductive organs of women and men along with helping to make sperm stronger.

Therefore, drinking coconut juice may be one of many factors.

Factors for enhancing sexual function and this can be the result of many minerals in coconut juice, such as potassium, zinc, manganese and vitamins that help the circulatory system work better and result in a healthy body.

Great food to help stimulate your happiness

Great food to help stimulate your happiness . The benefits of food are numerous and innumerable. First of all, the stomach is full. And the nutrients in what we eat will help nourish the growth and repair the wear and tear of the body. The Huffington Post also recommends six foods that we eat that will make us to be happier. Let’s see it now.

 1. Foods rich in probiotics.

A study from the Netherlands found that foods rich in probiotics can help improve mood. Twenty volunteers who took probiotic supplements in a row reported improved mood, calm, less irritability. The scientists explain that the bacteria in our gut have little influence on our emotions and feelings. Therefore, eating foods that contain probiotics, such as yogurt, fermented foods, curd or kimchi, will help balance the gut bacteria. Resulting in our emotions becoming more stable.

 2. Fruits and vegetables.

‘Health Psychology’, a British health journal, has published a study that: eating more fruits and vegetables for 3 weeks in a row can easily help stimulate your body’s feelings of goodness, while also providing long lasting happiness. Because fruits and vegetables contain vitamins, minerals, as well as being rich in fiber. Which promotes the normal functioning of the body’s systems and when no malfunctions occur to us how could you not be happy?

 3. Coffee.

Not that coffee is always harmful to the body. Researchers from various institutions, including research from JAMA Internal Medicine, have found that drinking coffee in the morning tends to help keep coffee lovers fresh and happy. Moreover, women who regularly drink 2-3 cups of coffee a day have a 15% chance of reducing stress and pressure and this will continue for 10 years.

 4. Dark Chocolate.

The high content of antioxidants in dark chocolate stimulates blood vessel walls to expand. So the blood circulation process is more convenient and the pressure of the blood will remain constant. Which results in the body to feel chill. So it is recommended to eat 1 small bar of dark chocolate a day (approximately 2.3g) for 2 weeks to help reduce the existing stress hormones. Especially those who tend to feel stress often need to act urgently.

In addition, dark chocolate also contains magnesium which helps reduce PMS symptoms in girls, reducing feelings of frustration and unhappiness.

 5. Mushroom

Almost all types of mushrooms are high in selenium. And it is a nutrient that stimulates the happiness hormone. At the same time it reduces all frustration. Whether it is a feeling of pressure, fear, or worry. In addition, mushrooms are a natural source of vitamin D, which is easy to stimulate human happiness hormones.

 6. Green tea

Japanese researchers conducted an experiment with more than 40,000 people who drink four to five cups of green tea a day regularly were 20% less likely to reduce their overall stress compared to those who drink less green tea. And green tea can stimulate more of a happy hormone for people of all ages. Just drink hot green tea on a daily basis, your mood can be improved comfortably.

Many of the factors and reasons surrounding human life today may respectively diminish our happiness. Therefore, if there is some food that can help stimulate the body, it would be good for us then.

Great benefit from tofu

Great benefit from tofu .For sure everybody should know what tofu is, in addition to being a menu that has been around for a long time.

In terms of price and the convenience of buying, it is easy to say that it is cheap and good. And you, the reader, do you know that Tofu is also a valuable and useful healthy food. Today we will show you some great benefit from the tofu.

Because tofu is made from soybeans , eating tofu compared to the same amount results in twice the protein of some kind of meat. Plus lecithin which has the effect of helping to reduce the fat.

It promotes the function of the nerve system related to the memory. Prevent platelet clotting and plant hormones or phytoestrogens with the research found that it can help prevent cancer and be good for women weaving age. It helps delay menopause and reduce the risk of breast cancer.

And when going into the details of the nutritional value of tofu, you will find that it contains 7.4% protein, 3.1% fat, 2.7% sugar, with every 100 grams of tofu containing 277mg of calcium, 57mg of phosphorus, and 2.1mg of iron. It also contains a lot of vitamin B1, vitamin B2, vitamin B3 and lecithin.

But even more interesting is that the protein in tofu contains eight essential amino acids that the body cannot synthesize. That the body must be obtained from the food only. And because of the nutrients in tofu, the body can degrade up to 92-96%.

Tofu is also suitable for the elderly without teeth and poor digestion. Including young children whose teeth have not yet grown completely.

Oh, when you have reached this point. I think you should know a lot of the benefits of tofu already. I believe that you would want to make some dishes that contain tofu as an ingredient. Here are some good tricks for you on how to buy the good tofu.

Cranberry with ladies

Cranberry with ladies

Cranberry with ladies . There are quite a few women who have problems with their urinary tract, urinary tract infections or bladder for many reasons.

Both urinary incontinence bacterial infection from frequent or intense sexual intercourse. Or in postmenopausal women who are easily get infect.

Treatment with frequent antibiotics may cause the infection to become resistant, persistent, chronic, annoying.

Let’s find ways or natural foods that have properties to help treat this symptom.

Cranberry is another fruit that has benefits similar to other berries.

Cranberry with ladies

Cranberry is one of the miracle fruit that helps to fight infections in the urinary system.

Research by Harvard University states that drinking 300 milliliters of cranberry juice a day can help reduce the amount of bacteria in your urine.

Cranberry is a fruit that has a bactericidal effect.

Cranberry with ladies

Therefore has properties in treating cystitis in the medical community.

It is widely accept that cranberries, in the form of fruit juices, capsules, and drinks are both effective in treating

and preventing bladder disease and the female internal organs of the abdomen.

Women who often experience problems with urinary incontinence and internal inflammation.

Should eating cranberries for at least 2 days to help with the symptoms.

Cranberry is usually grown in the United States and Canada, but most people do not eat this fruit fresh much.

People often eat cranberries in a form that is mix with various foods,

such as juices, sauces, jam, yogurt, as well as dried cranberries.

But buying cranberry juice, you need to look at the amount of sugar so try to read the label on the side of the comparison box for each brand.

The cranberries also contain vitamin C and many antioxidants.

Therefore it have the property to moisturize the skin.

So it suitable to be use to make lip balm to prevent chapped lips during the cold season

Here is the recipe for it.

Start with mixing 10 cranberries with 1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil, 1 teaspoon honey,

1 drop of vitamin E oil to boil until the mixture has been ground thoroughly through a sieve. Finish and left to cool. Apply to the mouth whenever it dry.

In addition,

research has shown that cranberries contain proanthocyanidine

which is an antioxidant in purple color group that is good for veins health as well.

While also helping to prevent gum disease and sores in the abdomen as well

In addition to eating cranberries, it must also be treat correctly. Try not to hold your urine too.

Now you know Cranberry with ladies the good benefits of this tiny fruit. So you must hurry to find cranberries to start getting those benefit now.

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Nuts help lower cholesterol

Nuts help lower cholesterol

Nuts help lower cholesterol Nowadays, although women live much longer than men. But the scary reason is women will become more fat and have diabetes or heart disease more than men. 

With severe symptoms that the blood vessels rupture and could not move halfway through the body and many more to come. Today we will talk about beans. Which helps in reducing cholesterol.

Nuts are another health food

That helps preserve the heart from diseases that are mainly caused by fat clots in the blood vessels. Due to high cholesterol the fat in the dried beans is good fat. Also has protein and carbohydrates. Therefore is a food that provides many nutrients.

Nuts can help to reduce cholesterol that is the cause of blood vessels narrowing. Nuts that contain saturated fatty acids that are beneficial to the body, also known as omega-3, are peanuts, soy beans, cashews, broad beans.

Nuts help lower cholesterol

Eat baked beans, roasted beans, fried beans as a snack every day. Helps to reduce fat in the blood. Can use as an appetizer. Resulting in less food intake.

Nuts, almonds and pecans help to lower cholesterol. By adding good body fat and reducing bad fat, eating 1 handful per day every day will reduce cholesterol by up to 11.3%.

Nuts help lower cholesterol

Peanuts and walnuts

Help protect the heart by reducing fatty deposits in blood vessels. And also prevents type 2 diabetes by better controlling blood sugar levels.

Cashews and Macadamia

Helps to maintain a balanced body with dietary fiber and reduce fat absorption. Eating beans on a regular basis makes you full longer and eat less food.

Knowing this, women have to turn to snacking on any type of bean. Because in addition to having many benefits, it also helps to reduce fat in the blood, also known as cholesterol. And most importantly, should exercise regularly. So you will live a long Life and away from disease as well.

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Magic fish call Salmon

Magic fish call Salmon

Magic fish call Salmon is know as fish from pure, pollution-free and valuable sources.

Classified as fish that have Omega 3 higher than other fish species.

Omega-3 fatty acids, which contain EPA and DHA acids, help to eliminate Alzheimer’s (forgetfulness) and depressed state of mind.

Including heart disease High in calcium Helps to nourish bones and teeth.

Very curious why Magic fish call Salmon is rare.

Many people are wondering why are salmon rare?

Probably because salmon have an extraordinary life Although salmon is actually cold-water fish. 

Magic fish call Salmon

When it’s time to create a new generation of salmon.

It must swim against the currents from the sea. Jump over numerous islands in order to lay up and lay their eggs in the source of the pure water.

That they were born in which the ancestors of each salmon have already chosen.

And had to travel more than a month for a distance of more than a thousand kilometers.

Without eating any food But will use the fat that accumulates during the life of the sea to nourish life during that time,

Magic fish call Salmon

therefore, to reach the goal of losing up to 40% of the weight.

“Salmon” is know as a fish from pure, pollution-free and valuable sources. Because while in the sea Salmon will accumulate fat from eating plankton and seaweed.

Which is the essential fat that the human body needs but cannot create by itself. That is an unsaturate fatty acid call Omega-3 which has many benefits to humans.

Did you know that

Good salmon has an alternating orange and pale pink skin? There is oil to nourish the skin thoroughly, not dry. Salmon is divide into farm salmon and naturally-caught salmon.

There are 2 major sources of salmon in the world, the Atlantic. And the Pacific Ocean is call Atlantic Salmon and Pacific Salmon.

Most people believe that Cold sea fish of the Atlantic Ocean (Or Alaska of the United States) will have Omega 3 more in the tropics.

Especially salmon is consider to be fish that have Omega 3 higher than other types of fish.

Omega 3 fatty acids, which contain EPA and DHA, help stimulate the production of chemicals in the brain call Serotonin (Serotonin),

which has an incredible anti-depressant effect.

Especially women, if eating fish once a month or less, there will be more depressed, than women who eat fish every week,

because omega-3 fatty acids are the main factor that directly affects the mood of women.

Now let’s see what are the benefits of Omega 3 derive from salmon?

  • Highly effective in reducing cholesterol and fats that like to accumulate along the artery wall. Which is the cause of cardiovascular diseas.
  • Helps to slow down the pain, swelling, myositis and rheumatoid arthritis. Which is a chronic disease and causes disabilities.
  • Helps to reduce the risk of certain cancers such as breast cancer, gut cancer, etc.
  • Can cause blood pressure to drop. When eaten regularly, DHA acids help develop brain, eyesight, memory and learning.
  • Helps to suppress emotions Inhibiting illness and mental disorder which results from the brain.

Eating salmon has a high protein value. The fat and cholesterol is very low. And can also replace the nutrients from beef, pork and other animals.

In addition Australian researchers have confirmed that if eaten often it will help to lose weight as well.

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