Radio advertizing is a proven medium to reach customers. Tradewinds’ 30+ M/F listener demographic is a targeted affluent audience that could benefit from your company’s products or services. And Tradewinds can reach your customers in a single island market, or a group of islands, or throughout the entire Tradewinds network.

Affordable Targeted Advertizing for Business
Tradewinds listeners are 30+, M/F, mostly of European and North American descent, with disposable income. This demographic describes a majority of touristic visitors, mega-yacht owners captains and crews, hotel and resort management, seasonal resort workers, university students, families on holiday, cruising yachtsmen, retirees, and expatriates who live seasonally or permanently in the tropics.

Advertising can reach the affluent Tradewinds audience in a single market or island, a mix of islands, or the entire Tradewinds network. Click here to find how to improve business with affordable radio advertizing.


antilles power2014orangeRuleSXM Casino Royal 2015This limitless all-inclusive St Maarten resort is a spectacular “destination within a destination,” offering endless activities for your enjoyment and relaxation.. A large pool with cascading waterfalls, four tennis courts, a lively children’s program, an array of water sports, swim-up pool bar, five restaurants & bars, a casino and nightclub and much more. Set atop 10 acres of lush beachfront property, our 534-room Caribbean luxury hotel is a “destination within a destination.” You’ll enjoy a wide range of activities and amenities — including three restaurants; meeting space; two pools; a casino; a theater; a resort village with shops, dining, and entertainment; tennis; and a spa! Start planning your Dream vacation today Click here and visit

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Tradewinds Radio is pleased to work with these fine businesses and broadcast partners.

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