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    1. Hi Laurie ;}

      Our Tune In Stream does not require any subscription or fees. A spot may play before the Tradewinds Live stream kicks in… but no need to pay for sure! You can also always Launch the Live stream here by pressing the Play button on the yellow player on this site.
      We also have much love for our Margaritaville friends ;}
      ~ Cheers ~

  1. I have this project in my garage. It’s a modified Pete Culler Sharptown Barge. Basically, a 24′ x 5′ flat-bottomed canoe, with a dory cross-section. With a cuddy, lee boards, jib-headed sails that are roller-mast-furling, kick-up rudder, and a bowsprit for future expansion with light-air jib and mizzen staysails. Bought it off an estate, half-way through a refinish and some mods. It’s been in my garage so long, people tease me about not wanting to let go of a project. Maybe they’re right?

    I have a nice Bose bluetooth player out there. So I set up TW on the ‘puter, and go out there for the evening. Great mix for the space and attitude! Love the mix.

    1. I just tried Tradewinds St Maartin radio. First song I heard was Aretha Franklin, Respect. Ummm, that is not tradewinds music or trop rock. Buh bye!

      1. Hi Jenny!
        Next time listen beyond one song ;}
        We touch on many generations of music to tell a story and feel a Vibe.
        We will also give you a Full Refund!
        Buh bye now ;}

          1. Snow is Refunded in Coconuts Only! * snow is required for refund * some conditions apply * rum must be put in the coconut

        1. I’m moving from Atlanta GA to St Croix, Was online searching for the best in the Caribbean. Found it! You are the best! I was a radio DJ when younger, have played it all. Like the way you do it.
          Doug Hembree
          Atl GA USA

  2. I love Tradewinds Radio…been listening on and off for a couple of years or so. But when I discovered Tradewinds St. Maarten…well, WOW. I love St Maarten, one of my fav carib islands. Just playing music from St Maarten brings the island experience back to me (and the jet blasts too LOL) :))

  3. Finally something to listen to in the USVI. Local radio is brutal! Nice and clear on the hillside of Coral Bay. We stream it in our office in Boston too!

  4. Being able to listen online from our home in Lake Tahoe magically transports back to The Virgin Islands sailing wherever the wind and our imagination chooses to take us! Thank you!!!!

  5. Who ever sat down and reprogrammed the artist list …Hats off to you ! It is a pleasure getting lost here at work and listening to uninterrupted great music !
    Grazie !!!

  6. I am in Spain..just gone into autumn. I have found out recently about this radio station. Nice music. Hope to go soon to BVI…

  7. Listening 26.3 N 81.7 W Bonita Springs, Florida! Comming in load and clear!
    Found your ad page 134 Summer Issue Cruising Outpost Mag. Thanks Matt for the treat!!! Sail on the SeaHawk out of Naples.
    Living in the Sunshine, Swim in the Sea, Drinking the Wild Air!

  8. In a major snowstorm here in New York City but Listening to Tradewinds Radio keeps me warm while snow blowing. Thinking about BVI and sipping rum on the breaks!

  9. thanks very much, I can listen alive whats going on at Riteway Pasea, Tortola, today And can taste te lovely BBQ Neil (RTW butcher ) is doing there. Me think , you enjoyed it as well, right ? cheers. Suzy from BA

  10. Thanks for the great Canadian content tonight as well as all the other great music – who is the DJ? Listening from Costa Rica tonight on my way to St Maarten tomorrow and its my favorite station when I’m in Tortola.

  11. Crazy as it sounds, listening from Hawaii! No station like it here but great tunes are universal. Aloha!

  12. Gotya on about half of Tortola; NG behind the mountains and we gotta few. You’ve made great musical selections!

  13. Listening to you in London, England on a cold wet Christmas Eve. Reminding us of our stays in Anguilla. Looking forward to returning next year.Merry Christmas everyone

  14. We’ll be back in the spring to feel the sand on our toes, the breeze on our skin and the sounds of Tradewinds on our radio.
    btw- have you thought of nailing your transmitter to a barge in the Mississippi River?

  15. Love this station. Listened to it for 2 weeks in St John when it was 90 degrees. Listening to it it now in NY where it’s freezing. Missing the trade winds!

  16. Hello WPB! Thanks for tuning in!
    It may be a bit before a Tower is constructed .. However! We are looking into a floating Transmitter just off your Nice beaches ;} Please advise of any available yachts we could hammer an antenna to!

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